Three specialists with different points of view:

An equine specialist, a psychologist specialized in learning with a master coach all EAGALA certified.

We provide processes that are exclusively focused on coaching with horses and mixed processes, with or without horses.

Horse Assisted Coaching

Coaching is a support/ follow-up process to reach established goals.  Is there anything better than a group of professionals with a herd of free horses to take you where you want to be?
Through Horse Assisted Coaching, we help individuals and teams to visualize what they are capable of doing and to design the strategies and the attitude to accomplish their goals. 

We guarantee you:

The most revolutionary in professionalism and effectiveness.  Horse Assisted Coaching offers you self-knowledge from several perspectives, a way of looking at you like you have never done before.

One of the tools with higher impact in the market.  Horse Assisted Coaching has the characteristic of being a “short-term” learning process that works in an amazing way.  It takes just a few sessions to feel its impact and see it reflected in real life.

Multidisciplinary model: we unify the highest standards so that you can achieve more and better results. 

Dare to reach your goals !
And you… Are you an Alpha?

The study of the nature of herds of free horses shows us the following:

​Alpha is the word that is assigned to a male or female who is instinctively looked at by the members of the herd as the leader.  He/ she leads them to the green pastures and gives complete reliability to those who follow him.  He/ she knows where he’s going.  He/ she has gained respect due to his well-developed intuition.  Those around him/ her respect his/ her space and decisions; an Alpha moves instead of being moved.  Shows fortress more than physical strength because he/ she is not always the biggest or strongest one.  An Alpha is brave, knows how to protect and take care of his/ her herd, he/ she knows how to preserve the linkage of his/ her herd but he/ she also knows how to let them know who is in charge.  Has shown that he/ she can be trusted because we see him/ her making the right decisions.  He/ she knows how to be firm but also gentile.  But above all, an Alpha is congruent, consistent, well balanced… provokes in others the wish to follow him/ her.