and experience new individual or group working attitudes and rediscover or value tools that they have within reach, and can be used at any time of need and in different established contexts to achieve goals.
The attitudes and processes applied during the activities are evaluated and optimized through group discussions.
These allow us to establish similarities and metaphors to obtain powerful insights and useful tools for the working environment.

High impact and significant experiences are used so that participants apply these to their working environment.

​The confrontation provoked to the participants with assigned tasks in an environment that is not their usual space and with other living beings that don’t respond to their verbal language, give them the opportunity to try 
TAAC offers an innovative and practical learning model

Activities are specifically designed for each case and the participants experience situations in which they need to define and apply strategies to solve challenging situations and achieve objectives.

The interaction with horses is always a part of the process, in every case (without actually riding them) the horses act as an unpredictable variable and a catalyzer to highlight the attitudes, values, thoughts and emotions of the participants. 

Using this model, allows us to position the working teams in situations that are similar to real working events in organizations. 

Learning Model