When you buy an event with TAAC, 

10% is given 

to the social program Reparando Vidas (Repairing lives), using EAGALA Model to help children on streets, child trafficking, addiction, abuse and violence.  Ask for your deductible receipts.

There are several important benefits of working with horses in TAAC.  We present some of them:

1. New perspectives: we know that in order to change things, there has to be a change in perspective, a different vision of things, but sometimes it’s hard to find new angles and distinctions as an observer.  That is one of the biggest benefits of working with horses, you will see things like you have never seen them before and this eases a deep and real change.

2. It is easier when a horse tells you: even though several people tell us about our possible opportunity areas (areas of improvement), generally when we see things in a third party, it’s when the impact is greater.  Now, if this third party is a horse and it shows things to me in such a clear way, the impact will be much greater than the repetitive remarks of other people.

3. A gym of attitudes: sometimes we have the theory about how to work in teams, or how to be a good leader but only a few of us can really take it to practice.  When an executive proposes a new strategy and he feels absolutely sure about it, when an athlete trains to win, when I believe 100% in what I say, it reflects in a non-verbal language that everybody else perceives.  Horses are experts in reading this kind of language and they require congruence to act.  This is why we say that being in the field (track) with free horses becomes a gym of attitudes.

4. It wins you over! Horses create a great impact when seen for the first time in a free herd.  When people realize what they are capable of doing, that they can move animals that they don’t know, that they can communicate with them, motivate them, besides saving working hours, discussions, effort and money, they become totally convinced about the real possibility of making changes.

5. You don’t need to go that far! We are only 35 minutes away from the Periférico (main road in Mexico City); you will think that you left the country and will be in a place full of nature and ideal for learning. 

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