FCAM-TAAC project:

Duration: 6 years.

Number of kids taken care of: until now the number of children is close to 100, divided in groups of 6 or 8 kids.

Minimal duration of the program: 24 sessions of Assisted Psychotherapy with Horses divided in a 6-month period.

We have observed that:

Psychotherapy assisted with horses is a factor that has reduced the risks and has improved the protectors of youngsters assisted in FCAM.  The decrease in the risk factors of the children who attended PAE was greater than in those who didn’t attend.  Besides, it has been noticed that children who assist to PAE have more adhesion to their psychotherapeutic process and they continue on FCAM.

“We have seen that Assisted Psychotherapy with Equines is a type of catalyzer in these kids’ processes, we have not found anything else with results like these”.  Fundación Casa Alianza México.

Testimonies of some children who finished their processes:

  • “The sessions with horses helped me to forget about the past, to bring out the pain, hatred and resentment; what happened to me was great, wonderful, it helped me to coexist with others”.
  • “In every session I learned something new that I’m using now in my daily life”.
  • “To be part of this therapy allowed me to talk about my emotions, what happened in my family, to know that I can ask for help, to continue with my training to have an independent life and move on.  Thanks”.
  • “To be with horses in my therapy gave me self confidence, made me believe that I can improve my way of life, that has not been so happy but today it’s different thanks to Casa Alianza.  Thanks”. 

For more information about Equine Assisted Psychotherapy:  anairene_ricalde@yahoo.com,

Facebook: EAGALA Latinoamerica.

Equine Assisted Psychotherapy

Horses help victims of child trafficking, abuse and violence

Noticing the potential, deepness and effectiveness of the model with which we work in TAAC, it’s impossible to stay with our arms crossed! TAAC and Fundación Casa Alianza I.A.P. joined 4 years ago to work in favor of street children who are victims of violence, human traffic, sexual abuse and addictions.

Through this innovative model, EAGALA children who have been victims of human trafficking, sexual abuse and violence are recovering their lives thru horses.  Horses allow them to see their current internal condition, their emotions and thoughts, their most internal wounds.

This model provides an emotional safety that goes beyond going to an appointment and talking, provides a space like no other that allow us to go deeper in a very fast way without being threating for the patient/ client.  The fact that this model is oriented to solutions generates results in a shorter time than with traditional methods.

Do you know that we tend to repeat our stories?

If I was assaulted it is very probable that I’d use aggression to relate to others, if I was a victim of human trafficking, in order to avoid repeating the story I will need to learn ways of relating and establishing healthy bonds with people.

TAAC will do whatever is on its hands to stop this !

​​If you want to join,
contact Fundación
Casa Alianza I.A.P.

​A little bit of history and context:

According to recent statistics given by official agencies, in Mexico there are more than 3 million street kids, we refer to kids who don’t have a home for different reasons.  Due to the conditions in which they live they are considered to be in a “high risk situation” because they have a very high probability of becoming victims of human trafficking, violence, sexual abuse and addictions. 

Unfortunately, many of them don’t reach the adult age but those who do reach it without a formal education that would allow them to be part of a productive society, face the fact that their only possibility is to become delinquents to survive.

In order for the several efforts from different institutions that worry to give these kids basic education and capacitation in different skills to accomplish their objectives, it is required to complement these actions with psychological attention that restores the emotional damages caused by different circumstances that they have been victims of.

In Mexico, Fundación Casa Alianza I.A.P. (www.casa-alianzamexico.org) has been helping children and teenagers for the last 25 years without any conditions or costs; the help young people that go to their shelters and show them how to reintegrate to society in a functional and self-sufficient way offering them the best support and management programs in this problematic.

On the other hand, TAAC (Assisted Learning Techniques with Horses) (www.taac.com.mx) has been contributing for the last six years with a grant in species to what Casa Alianza is doing through psychotherapy sessions to groups of kids that the institution has identified as a group that is really needs this kind of attention.

The attention that TAAC offers is based on the EAGALA (Equine Assisted Growth and Learning Association) model (www.eagala.org) which was originated in the U.S. in 1999 and due to its effectiveness has already reached 49 countries through professionals in the learning and psychological areas.  The high professionalism standards of the EAGALA model has led them to be the only model in the world working with horses that has been approved by the APA (American Psychological Association) and other mental health associations in the U.S. and Europe (London, England).  The result of the work that TAAC and Casa Alianza I.A.P. have been developing together has been formally registered and it will be published to disclose and promote the psychological benefit given by the interactions with horses when professionals in the area direct them.

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