Ana Irene Ricalde and Fernando Cordero founded TAAC convinced by the results obtained using the EAGALA model after monitoring it for several years.  .  TAAC has had the privilege of working with high-level transnational companies in the Corporate Services field specializing in the work with leaders and building high performance teams.

Ana Irene and Fernando are precursors of this model of working with horses bringing it for the first time to Mexico in 2005.  Since then, they have been working on the certification of individuals and teams in different countries, diffusing the EAGALA model especially in Latin American countries.
They have worked as international lectures about this topic in Europe, the U.S. and Latin America.  
They have shared the EAGALA model certifying people in the U.S., Mexico, Colombia, Argentina, Chile, Peru, Ecuador, Costa Rica, Uruguay, Guatemala, Brazil, Spain, Holland and other countries.

Who we are

“The Building Team session that Johnson Controls experienced resulted very enriching because we considered it to be very practical and fun and it helped to achieve the objective that was previously established..."

“New style to develop management skills,
I would hire TAAC again, for sure”.
Best attributes: great results, experts and
​good value (quality-price). 

             MSc. Ana Irene Ricalde

  • Psychologist specialized in learning

  • EAGALA Advanced Certification

  • EAGALA  Latinoamerica Regional Director

  • Trainer and mentor for EAGALA

  • 14 years of experience applying the model

  • EAP/EAL International lecturer

  • Certified Coach by College of Executive Coaching 

  • Mental Coach

             E.E. Fernando Cordero

  • Equine specialist

  • Top Management Program, IPADE

  • Many years of top management experience with transnational companies.

  • EAGALA Advanced Certification

  • Trainer and mentor for EAGALA

  • 12 years of experience applying the model

  • EAP/EAL International lecturer 

  • Certified Coach 

  • Mental Coach

“Nothing like a horse to show you who you
​really are”.

“… it helped me to plan my objectives and work
​in teams with my support areas accomplishing goals that I never imagined”.

The job of our professionals is to design, coordinate and facilitate experiences of high impact and with the required deepness to motivate changes oriented to the needs and goals of our clients. TAAC internalizes the principles of the EAGALA Model, which is a standardized methodology, recognized all over the world.​

Come to get a diagnose of the actual situation of your working team, to integrate a high performance team, to identify and develop your leadership, to get your company's philosophy into practice...  We design the program you need to get your objectives. 

Experience, professionalism and results, are our core. Breakthroughs come naturally!

We assure you that what you will experience here it’s something that you have never experienced before...

Let the horses free!
Live TAAC!



TAAC's objective is to leverage the abilities and attitudes of people through the interaction with a free herd of horses and a well-defined methodology. 

TAAC  founded in Mexico City in 2006 as a result of the merging of several professionals of the business and human development areas. It's a firm that distinguishes by its innovation in the corporative work area, the development of high performance teams/ individuals and coaching.

Our Objective