Why horses?

Since ancestral times some animals over others, have got the attention of human beings for different reasons.

​Horses in particular, were of great historical importance for men and these days scientific researches made in the US and Europe, prove more and more their contributions and benefits for human beings in the psychological and pedagogical areas putting them again in a privileged position.
They have established roles between their herds, they are gregarious, meaning that they prefer to 
The simple fact of establishing a relationship with a horse influences people in an amazing powerful way. 
Groups of people and herds of horses have many similarities in the social aspect
For all the things that a horse represents to us, as a symbol of strength and power, to develop an activity that involves these animals give us the opportunity to overcome fear and develop confidence.
stay in groups and not isolated and they also have different personalities and attitudes.  

​These points give us the opportunity to observe and evaluate their behavior and establish similarities with human beings.
It contributes to create many metaphors with real life situations that can be intimidating, or require a greater effort or represent a challenge for us.